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Camp Descriptions


What to WearDance attire (including jazz shoes or ballet shoes) is appropriate for all camps, but please no booty shorts without tights or leggings, and no mid-drift tops. Comfortable, movable clothing and bare feet are also permitted for camps. 

Sign-In and Out– All parents must sign their child in when they arrive and out when they are dismissed. This helps ensure their safety. Please note on the sign in/out sheet if someone other than a parent will be picking your child up, or if your child will need to be picked up early. Please do not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes prior to your camp, and please be on time for pick up. Early drop off and late pick up fees of $5 per 5 minutes will be added to your account on file.

What to Bring– Camp is a screen free and cell phone free zone. If your child brings a cell phone with them, they will be asked to place it in a locker on silent. Please contact our front office if there is an emergency in which you need to contact your child. Please bring a lunch (if applicable), a labeled water bottle, and shirt your child can put over their clothes to get messy in for crafts. A change of clothes is also a good idea for anyone new to the potty! (Staff is not permitted to change diapers or clothes unless given written consent. Please be on call for any accidents if your child is still learning to use the bathroom on their own.)

Lunches & Snacks– All campers staying LONGER THAN 3 hours should bring a non-perishable lunch and water bottle to camp daily. Please pack a healthy, low sugar and balanced meal, no soda or sugary beverages please! Please mark all lunches (and all containers inside lunches) with the camper’s name. Other snacks throughout the time they are here will be provided by us. We are a NUT FREE ZONE, but if your child has any other allergies, please provide another snack for them during this time.

Special Needs and AllergiesWe strive to provide the best day camp experience for your child, and ask that prior to registration, you consult with the camp director (front office) regarding any special needs, allergies, etc. of your child. We will work to provide reasonable accommodations upon request. We will make every attempt to serve all!

Free PlayFree play may involve some outside time as well. We do not have a playground, however, we do like to rope off a section of our back parking lot and bring out chalk, bubbles, and other fun outside toys. We will only be outside for about 15-20 minutes at a time, but if you’d like to supply sunscreen for your child, just let the camp staff know that they have some and we will be sure to apply it. Otherwise, free play will involve our dramatic play centers and other guided activities.

PaymentsCamp tuition is due upon enrollment with the exception of Show Camps. For show camps, a deposit is required to hold your child’s spot in the camp, and the remaining balance is due June 1st or after if registering late. There is no annual registration fee required for camps and will be deleted if applied to your account.

June 7th-10th9:30-11:30Mon-Thurs2-3TTFD1170Tiny Tutus- Fancy Dancey
June 7th-10th9:00-12:00Mon-Thurs3-5PPFF1210Pirouettes & Princesses- Frozen Frenzy
June 14th-17th9:30-11:30Mon-Thurs2-3TTMK2170Tiny Tutus- Magical Kingdoms
June 14th-17th9:00-12:00Mon-Thurs3-5PPFD2210Pirouettes & Princesses- Fancy Dancey
June 21st-24th9:00-12:00Mon-Thurs3-5PPMK3210Pirouettes & Princesses- Magical Kingdoms
June 21st-24th9:00-12:00Mon-Thurs4-7AUSOF3210Act Up and Sing Out- Frozen
June 21st-24th9:00-4:00Mon-Thurs10-15SFH3300Songs from Hamilton
June 21st-24th12:00-3:00Mon-Thurs4-7AUSOA3210Act Up and Sing Out- Aladdin
June 21st-24th1:00-5:00Mon-Thurs6-10BBD3230Broadway Bound – Descendants
June 28th-July 1st9:00-12:00Mon-Thurs3-5PPFF4210Pirouettes & Princesses- Frozen Frenzy
June 28th-July 1st9:00-12:00Mon-Thurs4-7AUSOA4210Act Up and Sing Out- Aladdin
June 28th-July 1st9:00-1:00Mon-Thurs6-10BBD4230Broadway Bound – Descendants
June 28th-July 1st12:00-3:00Mon-Thurs4-7AUSOB4210Act Up and Sing Out- Beauty and the Beast
June 28th-July 1st1:00-5:00Mon-Thurs6-10BBZ4230Broadway Bound – Zombies
July 5th-16th10:00-5:00Mon-Fri13-18950The Music Man, JR
July 19th-22nd9:00-12:00Mon-Thurs3-5PPFD7210Pirouettes & Princesses- Fancy Dancey
July 19th-22nd9:00-1:00Mon-Thurs6-10AUB7230Acting Up – Bunk’d
July 19th-22nd9:00-4:00Mon-Thurs10-15SFB7300Songs from Beetlejuice
July 19th-22nd12:00-3:00Mon-Thurs4-7AUSOF7210Act Up and Sing Out- Frozen
July 19th-22nd1:00-5:00Mon-Thurs6-10BBA7230Broadway Bound- Aladdin
July 26th-29th9:00-12:00Mon-Thurs3-5PPMK8210Pirouettes & Princesses- Magical Kingdoms
July 26th-29th9:00-12:00Mon-Thurs4-7AUSOB8210Act Up and Sing Out- Beauty and the Beast
July 26th-29th9:30-11:30Mon-Thurs2-3TTMK8170Tiny Tutus- Magical Kingdoms
July 26th-August 6th1:00-5:00Mon-Fri5-10500Seussical, KIDS
August 2nd-5th9:00-12:00Mon-Thurs4-7AUSOF9210Act Up and Sing Out- Frozen
August 2nd-5th9:30-11:30Mon-Thurs2-3TTFD9170Tiny Tutus- Fancy Dancey
August 9th-12th9:00-12:00Mon-Thurs3-5PPFF10210Pirouettes & Princesses- Frozen Frenzy
August 9th-12th9:00-1:00Mon-Thurs6-10AUB10230Acting Up – Bunk’d
August 9th-12th9:00-1:00Mon-Thurs6-10BBZ10230Broadway Bound – Zombies
August 9th-12th12:00-3:00Mon-Thurs4-7AUSOF10210Act Up and Sing Out- Frozen
August 9th-12th1:00-5:00Mon-Thurs6-10AUSW10230Acting Up – Star Wars
August 9th-12th1:00-5:00Mon-Thurs6-10BBA10230Broadway Bound- Aladdin